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Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello my name is Jennie. I’m 41 years old and live in a small town called Montrose which is just south of Saginaw, Michigan. I have a loving supportive husband named Randy and two wonderful children, a 19yr old daughter named Lisa and a 8 yr old lil boy named Jesse (yes many might think what were you thinking) to watch over and keep me busy. A perfect family I wouldn’t trade for anything!


One of my favorite things to pass away time would be showing dogs. I’ve been showing dogs off and on for almost 27 years in obedience and conformation. My first dog show was at our county fair in 1987. I took first place in obedience with my mom’s Miniature Pinscher. From there on I was hooked and have had many dogs but have found Border Collies to be my favorite and hope to raise them some day. Right now I’m focusing on obedience training and showing the ones I have. I unfortunately don’t get to a lot of shows due to other family obligations but do enjoy the ones I can get to spending time with family and friends.

Husband Randy, Daughter Lisa and Son Jesse

Lisa, Jesse and Lisa's pet Long haired Chihuahua Ace


My son Jesse started going to the Saginaw Cty Fair to show our Sheep July 2011 and we are learning new things every year and hope to add Chickens and Rabbits to our list of animals to show.

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Last updated June 10, 2014